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Moving to Streetsboro Ohio Tips - 2021

Published March 2021

If you're looking to move to Streetsboro Ohio, then you came to the right place! Because of the location, this city is one of my favorite cities in Portage County. Streetsboro Ohio is what most would call a highway town as the interstate empties directly into the heart of the city.


Conveniently located in the northwest part of the county, you have access to all major highways and retail shops located on route 14. After reading this article you will learn about what there is to do in Streetsboro, the school district, housing, entertainment, and so much more!

Streetsboro has the best location!

This is my favorite part about the city and I feel like this is why Streetsboro is growing fast. You have route 480 that heads to Cleveland in about 35 minutes, Akron is 25 minutes away and the surrounding cities are one road away.


Once you start heading east in Portage county, down route 303, it can become more rural but if you head south, you can hit up Kent which is a fun college town, head north to Aurora to go clothes shopping at Aurora Farms, or you can take 303 and head west to Hudson to enjoy their charming downtown. Seriously... if a walkable downtown area and bars are NOT what you're looking for, then Streetsboro will be perfect fro you.

What to do in Streetsboro Ohio

Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot to do in Streetsboro when it comes to entertainment. There is not a bowling alley or a movie theater, so for the little ones, Streetsboro can be boring. However, in about 25 minutes, you can get pretty much be anywhere.


A super fun place I recommend checking out is Zip city on route 43. When I was younger, we would always get a group of friends together and hop in the doge ball arena that has trampolines!! I used to play baseball when I was younger, headshot!


If you enjoy golf, Streetsboro has one of my favorites golf course, Boulder Creek. Click the link to check out their drone shot of the course! Labeled the most scenic golf course in Ohio, it an enormous course that is very challenging since there is tons of lakes.

If you love exploring out door parks, Streetsboro offers quite a few parks! Personally, they are not my favorite since I love exploring the Cuyahoga National Valley parks and the quarry, but there are some decent parks around. Click here to check out Streetsboro parks.

Is shopping your hobby? When it comes to the retail stores, you name, they got it! There's a Lowes, Home depot, Wal-mart, grocery stores, pet stores, restaurants, fast food, gyms... you get the point, I'll be here all day labeling everything. This is why everyone comes to Streetsboro. Im probably there once a week giving all my money to Home depot. Below is a video of Route 14.

Traffic in Streetsboro Ohio

Since there is every retail store you can image, Streetsboro gets a ton of traffic from the surrounding cities. Think of it as a bottle neck... the 3 largest cities around Streetsboro is Ravenna, Aurora, and Kent and the main roads is route 14 and route 43 and they all dead end right here at this light.


When looking at the video below, if you head Northeast down Rt 14 it heads to Ravenna, Southeast you head to Kent, Northwest and you head into Aurora, and if you head Southwest, you head into downtown Streetsboro and towards the highway. 

This video was not taken during rush hour so the traffic looks manageable and for the most part it is. However... if you hit work rush hour there is going to be a bunch of traffic! This is by far my least favorite thing about Streetsboro. There are just tons of light and when I used to live in Ravenna and needed to go to the highway, you're forced to go through downtown Streetsboro. 

Does Streetsboro Have Good Schools?

There is a new high school in Streetsboro! It was recently built back in 2017 on Rt 14 and I must admit, the school looks great. Now the school its self has pretty good ratings with giving it an overall rating of a B+. Now what I’ve noticed is families looking to move their kids to a better school district, most of the time they head up north to Aurora. Just what I’ve noticed…

Only thing I’m not fond on is the fact that it’s located on RT 14 so if you’re headed to Ravenna or to Streetsboro during 7:30 and 2:30 when school lets out, it’s very busy at the light. Of course the video doesn't show heavy traffic so you might have to use your imagination.

Buying A House In Streetsboro Ohio

The housing market is pretty competitive in Streetsboro. The one graphs shows the average number of listings available and you can see that its almost down 50%!​ On top of that, historic low interest rates are causing more buyers to enter the market causing home prices to increase. Back in 2017, the averages sales price was around $160,000, now the average sales price is around $200,000.  

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 8.43.35 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 8.43.01 AM.png

Ryan homes is the largest home builder in the area and recently built a new development located on the south end of the city on route 43 with the average sales price a round $240,000. This could influence the rising home prices too.


One of the most affordable areas to buy a house in Streetsboro is right below route 80. Its a quite residential neighborhood with a bunch of ranch homes and the average price is around $150,000. The major down side is the noise that comes from the Turnpike.

Now for the most luxury housing development you have to head east down route 303, right on the border of Hudson actually. Go figure, right? Hudson is one of the most expensive cities in the area. It's the Stonegate association with the average home price around $370,000. So Streetsboro is extremely affordable. Especially with property taxes only being 1.9%.

City Street

Communities Served 

In Conclusion, Who Is Streetsboro Right For?

Streetsboro is perfect for someone who wants to live in a nice quiet neighborhood, but if you're looking for charming, walkable downtown, then just cross Streetsboro right off your list. This city is for someone who appreciates the convince of having everything within a 5-15 minute drive.

If you're looking to move to the area, make sure you reach out so we can help you with the transition!

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