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Should you move to Cleveland Heights Ohio?

I can't believe I haven’t done a video on this sooner because this area is easily one of the most sought after for people moving to Cleveland. People absolutely love the old charm and character of the east side. Theres a wide range of real estate options, tree lined streets, and close knit neighborhoods, offering residents that suburban feel with a city atmosphere. There are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks scattered all throughout the city, making it ideal for both families and young professionals.

Reason to live in Cleveland Heights Ohio

1. Sense of Community

In Cleveland Heights, there is around 44,000 residents so it is a big city on the east side of Cleveland. It has a diverse community and is ideal for anyone looking for a big city that is welcoming to their neighbors. Overall, the city is safe but because of the size and population, there are areas that are safer than others. To view the crime in Cleveland heights, click here.

2. Homes for sale in Cleveland Heights

The homes in area are absolutely stunning! Now if you're looking to buy a house in the area, keep in mind that a lot of these houses are older, built in the early 1900's so most of the homes here are around 100 years old. They just don’t build homes like this anymore. You’ll see this style of home throughout Cleveland Heights, University heights, and down into Shaker Heights.

All brick and stone, colonial, Tudor style homes that represent an older era of craftsmanship. Being completely transparent, older homes can come with some "deal breakers" for some home buyers: plaster walls, knob and tube wiring, and no AC.

That's right, no AC! A lot of the homes here in Cleveland have a boiler with steam radiators, this kind of heating system does NOT need duct's in the house so you'll be unable to connect AC to the heat system like you'd be able to with a forced air furnace. So you’ll get the charm, but you might have some of those old house quirks, just to be 100% honest.

3. Things to do in Cleveland Heights

There are a few areas that I would recommending to check out, some are in Cleveland heights and others are just a few short minutes away. Cedar Rd is the main road that run east and west and Cedar-lee and cedar-Fairmount are crossroads/intersections here in the Heights and offer a bunch of food and shopping options.

  • Cedar-lee

  • Cedar-Fairmount

Reason NOT to live in Cleveland Heights Ohio

1. The property Taxes

The property taxes on the east side of Cleveland are high, no questions about it! This is the #1 reason on why people dont move here. The property taxes rate in Cleveland Heights is 3.64%. That means a $300,000 will cost you $10,920 a year, or $910 a month! Some people can not justify paying that much for property taxes.

2. The Traffic

I mentioned Cedar rd above, Cedar rd gets very busy and stays busy all day! Traffic in Cleveland Heights is busy but the main issue is that there is no efficient way to get downtown Cleveland or to the highway. Route 271 is a solid 15 minute to the east and if you head west towards downtown Cleveland, there is NO highway connecting the 2 cities. This is a huge downside, especially when compared to the west side of Cleveland which has better highway access for their residents.

3. Public Schools

The public school in Cleveland heights services students that live in both University Heights and Cleveland Heights so its a large public school. in total, there are around 5,200 students enrolled from PK-12. The school system does not have the best rating and for some families relocating to the area, this could be a detouring factor.


If you're looking to make a move to Cleveland Heights or the surrounding area, make sure you reach out so I can help you find that perfect place for you and your family. If Cleveland Heights is not right for you, dont worry, we can help point you in the right direction. Maybe Shaker Heights, Lakewood, Tremont, or Solon might be right for you, look forward to helping you!

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