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Moving to Aurora Ohio Tips - 2021

Published February 2021

Founded in 1799, Aurora grew from a small farming town to a 25 square mile suburban city in Portage County. Interest grew in the potential for suburban residential development due to the community proximity to  Akron and Cleveland. During the 1990's, the population increased by over 60%, and Aurora continues to experience substantial growth. It's a community driven town that is safe, has excellent schools, and also a great shopping center! If you're interested in learning about the pros and cons of living in Aurora Ohio, read this article and make sure you watch the video below.

Aurora's Neighborhoods

Aurora is a city that is filled with countless housing developments. As you're driving down the streets you'll see signs for developments practically down every other street. This means that most communities have a monthly HOA fee, they vary from $50 a month to $500 a month. Some of the more established communities in Aurora are:

- Hawthorn of Aurora

- Residence at Barrington

- Villas of Bertram

- Aurora Lake


You'll notice that most of the housing developments are located around the city center, south, west, and north west. Basically, once you start getting to the east side of the city, there is going to be less developments and more rural land. 

Since there isn't a whole lot of recreational activities in Aurora, the city is known as a "tight knit community" and is a very family friendly town. Since Aurora is very safe, has excellent schools, and a great sense of community, home prices here can be pretty expensive when compared to the surrounding cities. The average sales price in Aurora is right around $300,000.


If you're interested in a complete neighborhood tour around Aurora Ohio, make sure you watch the video below.    

Does Aurora Ohio Have Good Schools?

The city of Aurora offers an excellent educational opportunity with two elementary, one middle, one high school, and one non-public Christian Academy. Also, there are five universities and colleges are within 30 minutes of Aurora! Aurora has around 3,000 students and does NOT have open enrollment so you must be a resident for your children to attend Aurora Public Schools. 

When it comes to 2020 high school ranking, I have some great news for you. Aurora is ranked as the #1 school in the Akron Metro area, #11 in all of Ohio, and #454 in the nation! 

Cost of Living Aurora Ohio

Aurora is a luxury community here in Portage County Ohio. Luxury = expensive. Overall, it is not that expensive to live here, just know that you will pay more in property taxes, housing prices, and groceries.


Property taxes is around 1.9% which is relatively cheap, but it's one of the highest here in Portage County. There are some cities here in Cleveland that have a 4% tax... so it's all relative. Home prices are around $300,000. When it comes to groceries, the prices are not outrageous but I feel like everything is marked up a dollar when compared to other surrounding cities. 

If you're interested in learning more about the cost of living in Aurora, make sure you watch the video below! 

Things To Do In Aurora Ohio​

If I have to be 100% honest, Aurora doesn't have a ton of stuff to do. It's one of the biggest complaints that residents have, but what do you expect from a community driven town with 16,000 residents? The good news is, if Aurora doesn't offer what you are looking for then you don't have to go very far to find it. 


Aurora has two awesome Winery's, Thorncreek Winery and Gardens and the Blind Squirrel Winery. In my opinion, both places are great for date nights or going out with friends. Check out this video of Thorncreek Winery! 


First things first, you have to go check out Sunny Lake Park! Look how pretty the trails are here, they wrap around the lake making it a very scenic run. Sunny Lake Park in Aurora also offers a playground for the little ones, a volleyball court, and even a place for you to rent kayaks. Every time I've been here, there are always people out and about. If you've ever been to Colorado, "Coloradans" (if thats a real word) are always out running and doing physical activities and I've always enjoyed that lifestyle personally. If you like to be active outdoors, come out here to Sunny Lake. 

Sunny Lake Park Aurora Ohio


Aurora Farms Premium Outlet is probably the biggest reason why people from other cities visit Aurora. The outlet offers tons of shopping and best of all, it's outdoors! This is the only mall in the area that is outdoors. Of course, Ohio does get very cold in the winter months so it may not be ideal, but in the warmer parts of the year this place is packed! 

Aurora Farms Premium Outlet

Aurora Demographics

Aurora Ohio Income

The AVERAGE Aurora resident is 46 years old with an average house hold income of $96,000. One thing about Aurora is that it is an extremely safe city! Like I stated earlier, Aurora is an expensive, community based city with great morals and values. 

Aurora Ohio resident age
Crime in Aurora Ohio
Races in Aurora Ohio

In Conclusion, Who Is Aurora Right For?

Aurora is for someone who wants to live in a community that is safe, friendly, has great schools, and wants to live in quiet area. The taxes are extremely affordable and the biggest hurdle for most people wanting to move to Aurora is the home prices. Since Aurora is safe and quiet, we saw a lot of families and retire(s) move into the area. If you're looking to move to the area or buy a house in Aurora Ohio, make sure you reach out to us so we can help you make that transition.

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